Behind the lens - stories and thoughts about photography.

Photography – and specially naturephotography has always been a passion of mine. Wandering in nature with camera gives pleasure and joy and offers relaxation as opposite to everydays busy life.
First contact to photography for me was grandad´s old and weary Kodak Brownie, already broken though, that I got to play with. Currently that same Kodak is decorating my bookcase.
Capturing the outdoor-life and wonders of nature was the main reason for me to buy camera. At first it was just taking snapshots during other activities but digging deeper on secrets of naturephotography I soon found out that there was a lot more to discover.
At the end of 20th century I was working on ITC-sector as specialist on graphic industry and got to know first real professional digital cameras closely. After the first affordable DSLR´s came out I soon switched my filmgear to them.

Career so far
Working on ITC nearly 25 years mainly on graphic industry; advertising agencies, newspapers, printhouses etc.. Last seven years running also my own photography business; mainly landscape- and nature photography but also wide range of experience in corporate, interior and documentary photography. Drones and aerial photography has been one of expertise for four years.


  • ICT specialist, graphic industry over 25 years
  • Photography vocational degree (VAT)
  • Member of Finnish naturephotographers (SLV ry)
  • Member of Northern naturephotographers (Polku ry)

Awards on photography-competitions:

  • Royal Observatory Greenwich, Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016: shortlisted
  • Global Arctic Awards 2016: shortlisted
  • Nature photo of the year Finland, 2015: Members award, landscape-category
  • Nature photo of the year Finland, 2016: Members award, landscape-category
  • GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017: Highly nominated, landscape-category
  • Nature photo of the year Finland, 2018: Second prize, ”Art from the nature”-category
  • Nature photo of the year Finland, 2022: Members award, landscape-category