Longterm review : Haida Antifog belt on arctic conditions.


Anyone tried to photograph longer periods and/or nights on a cold and moist enviroment ?  Did you face any challenges ? Possibly yes. Setting up camera on a tripod, waiting to timelapse shoot to end,  from the sunset to sunrise. Changing temperatures and humid air usually causes some side-effects for the cameragear – its condensation we are talking about. 

Having a condenced moisture on the surface of lens isnt good thing – droplets and fuzzy spots appears on longer timelapses to shots.  Only real solution is to try keep lens and camera bit warmer than the surrounding air – thats why Haida Antifog belt has been created.



-flexible band with velcro starp to tighten and hold the band

-power cable, around 150cm

-three settings: Low (35-45°C), Medium (45-55°C), and High (55-65°C)



This review is based on my experience of two year use mainly on moist autumn- and cold winternights.  Temperatures has varied from +5c to -25c  ;quite regular weather here in northern Finland.  I have even dropped it once into water, lost once in snow where I found it on next day. So it was totally wet. It still works flawlesly. Robust – I would say.

I have used the anti fog belt with three different lenses: Sony Gmaster 14mm f/1.8, Sony Gmaster 16-35 both Mk1 and Mk2.  Fits nicely, easy to install and does its job. Clean, moisture free photos. Only thing to keep in mind when using and setting up the belt that the best placement is as near the actual front element than possible. Needs less heat and sucks less juice out from the powerbank(even the “low”-setting is usually enough).  Maximum power consumption is around 2000mA/h so for example, with 6000mAh powerbank you have juice for three hours, lowering power will help battery last longer. As I mentioned, I usually use “Low”-setting.

Haida Antifog belt : actual belt and powerswitch
Haida Antifog belt : actual belt and powerswitch
My typical setup: Antifog belt in use, powerback hanging on pouch.
My typical setup: Antifog belt in use, powerback hanging on pouch.




-Does what it promises – keeps you lens warm and moisture away

-light to carry

-warms up easily

-easy to use

-Universal type, fits to most lenses




-Band could be wider (=solution, but another lensgear-like hood between the band and lens)

-Power led indicator is bright – needs to carefully positioned to get no illumination to photos.


Recommended for night photographers!


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