Haida Clear-night filter for DJI Mavic 3

Light pollution is a problem on night-photography, especially close to urban areas. Usually on locations where horizon is clearly visible; on seashores, open fields, etc. lights reflects to clouds, water and even on thin fog. That creates blooming effect of different kinds of color casts ruining the contrast and over all tonality. To solve this problem and ease the pain of the photographer, you can find multitude of different kinds of filters.

In short period of drones and aerial photography, the filters have grown closely to everyday use for drone-pilots. ND-filters for video photography, circular polarizer, gradual and colorized filters for still shots. And now after the release of Mavic 3 and its way better lowlight capabilities; clear night filter.

Installation is easy; just twist, click and turn to release original protector and switch it to Haida`s filter.  Couple of test shots for quick comparison what the filter does. Both photos are with the same settings; only edit is sharpening and resize to smaller size. You can see clearly that amount of yellow is reduced and overall color tones are natural.  More thorough  review later on this wintertime, so stay tuned.


With original DJI Mavic 3 protector

With Haida Clear night filter