Haida Mist Black 1/4 filter review

Most of the things can be done on post-processing for photos. Even on videos its possible to do magical tricks on material. But, creating same effects straight on camera is always much cooler! Haida introduced Mist Black-filters last year for portrait and videography. Filter promises to deliver over-all haze on scenery, pastel-toned colorscape and help out to smoohten model`s skindetails. Available on as regular threaded round filter on most common lens-diameters so its easy to use.

My first test session was done outdoors, midday on finnish january isn`t exactly bathing on bright sunlight so condtions were somewhat average and dynamic range controllable without reflectors etc. 

Photos taken with Sony A7r4 and Gmaster 70-200/2.8

Upper one is taken with Mist Black-filter, lower one without. As you can easily see, there`s a clear difference. Overall image is softer but still maintaining sharp details. Tones are soft and natural. Interesting detail is that shadows seems to gain some boost while contrast is definitely much lower.  Basic editing done on both comparison-photos, same color temperature etc.

Testing continues on different lighting conditions! My guess is that there will be more this kind of filters in near future?

Techical details can be found on Haida`s page

More examples on gallery below.


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