Review: Haida M10 Filterholder

In january Haida released totally renewed filterholder, M10. New product is packed with full of new features.

Adapter ring

All new design includes new adapters rings bringing the whole system closer to lens thus eliminating vignetting and provding sturdy mountpoint for filter holder.

Filter holder

M10 Filter holder itself has been redesigned from scratch. New construction is lightweight but still feels strong enough to stand hard handling. Quick lock mechanism works smoothly and locks holder tight into adapter ring.

77mm adapter ring for M10 system

Drop-in filters

New feature is round ones drop-in filters which can be inserted easily to slot and lock in place. Drop-in-filters are located nearest on the lens. At the moment there are several drop-in-filters available:
-ND (from stops 1 to 12)
-Gradual ND
-Circular polarizer + ND
-Circular polarizer
-Clear night

One clever, new feature is included on Drop-in circular polarizer. On top of the filter is located a small wheel which can be used to rotate the filter itself. Works like a charm!

Filter holder kit also includes Drop-in “Light barrier” if you don`t want to use round filter.

On front of the drop-in filter you can install two to three regular 100×100 or 100×150 square filters. One note: If you plan to use older 100×100 square filters with attached light insulation and wide angle lens you might get some vignetting. It is not necessary to use insulation any more with M10.

M10 Filter holder with quick lock meghanism. Easy to use and reliable.
Drop-in CPL-filter. Drop it and lock in place. Small wheel on top is used for rotating the cpl.
Drop-In Circular polarizer with 150×100 Soft gradual filter.

Final word

Haida has done a terrific job on designing once again. Lots of news features improves handling. I got my version in December so I had a chance to test out new product during coldest winter months in northern Finland. I didnt face any problems and it was joy to use drop-in-filters even with the gloves on.

Build quality is excellent and the whole package looks and feels like a professional tool should be.

I will add more comments during the future use.

More info can be found on Haida`s product center

Local reseller in Finland: Digitarvike


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